Out of all the services Alcon Construction, Inc. provides, we’ve been providing concrete services the longest. Alcon Construction, Inc. was created from Alamosa Concrete, started by the founding Cook brothers in 1974. Commercial concrete usually differs from residential concrete in terms of demands on its structural performance and durability.  Our experience includes commercial concrete construction methods of many types including: curb and gutter, large scale laser screed concrete pours, parking lots, industrial floors, stained and stamped concrete. We’ve completed concrete projects for schools, large retailers, health care facilities and different governments.

Alcon is a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, a non-profit association dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of concrete contractors.  Membership connects us to a nationwide network of peers and gives us access to tools that help ensure our success.  Further, we are one of a few contractors in our area to use a Total Station.  A Total Station is an electronic/optical instrument used in building construction that uses electronic transit theodolite in conjunction with an electronic distance meter.  The instrument is used to measure sloping distance, horizontal and vertical angles.  The accuracy and versatility of a Total Station can increase efficiency and accuracy simultaneously.

We are known for delivering in tight time-frames and with a positive, customer-focused attitude.  You can trust Alcon Construction, Inc. with your next concrete project!