Structural steel is one of the most popular framing materials for non-residential buildings in the U.S. Its advantages include high strength, sustainability, design flexibility, construction speed, lower project costs and aesthetic appeal. You commonly see steel products in sign structures, guardrails and bridge decking. It is also regularly used in the construction of large commercial buildings such as schools, hotels and large retail stores. Steel members such as beams and columns form the skeleton of a building and support all other components of the building.

Alcon Construction, Inc.’s team members are experts in the design and build of structural steel projects. Many of our steel workers are certified; the certification procedures tests position, metal thickness, welding processes and metal types. In addition to technical and hands-on expertise, we also have a full fleet of trucks and equipment, including cranes, which allow us to keep costs down by enabling us to lift and move steel beams into place ourselves. If you would like to discuss your project with us, please call 719-589-4084 or contact us┬átoday!

New building for Worley and McCullough 2015