Pre-construction services are preliminary planning before construction actually begins.  It includes defining the objectives of the client, project scope, constructability, schedule and budget. At this point many potential issues are identified and cost impacts are analyzed. This phase gives the construction team a clear outline to follow during the job and gives the client a better understanding of the project before they commit to work being done.

Depending on the level of need our experts can help a customer decide: What is the best design? What are the best materials? When will the project start and finish? What is the total price? We work with you as a team so you have confidence in the design, schedule and cost.  This process takes out many of the unknowns of a project and reduces risks for the owner.  By determining cost and schedule of the project before construction begins, we are able to reduce the number of changes, unexpected costs and variations of schedule during the project.

With accredited professionals on staff, including LEED GA Accreditation, we will ensure the project is set up to succeed!