Alcon Construction, Inc. has a solid team of leaders and supervisors, many of whom have been with the company over twenty years. They reflect the Alcon attitude of “We Can: Learn, Grow and Build”.

Staying true to our founding values has earned us steady growth. We continue to do the right thing and act with integrity; we are disciplined in our skills and work as a team. At our core, we are dedicated to delivering the best services and solutions to produce great value.


Alcon Construction, Inc. provides our employees with a work environment that allows them to meet their professional goals. Our experienced in-house estimating team, of which several are professionally accredited, have what it takes. We strive to build a culture of trust with all we come in contact with.


We provide professional advice, accuracy in our bidding and availability to our estimating team for our clients.


Alcon Construction, Inc. knows that information in a timely manner allows you to make informed decisions in each stage of your project. From design to construction plan review, from cost management analysis to proposed alternate methods of construction and/or materials, Alcon Construction, Inc. will provide the team with the knowledge of project costs at any point in the project. We take the lead on evaluating every option for cost, schedule and quality impacts with all team members. Understanding the construction cost is our focus.


We understand how important it is to provide an accurate estimate. You need a reliable forecast of project costs from the first estimate. Our experienced in-house estimating team and accredited professionals have what it takes. Equipped with tools such as MC2 estimating software and a historical knowledge base of similar projects, we are able to prepare estimates with the detail you need to understand the scope and intent and in a consistent format from estimate to estimate.