Behlen Buildings

Alcon is proud to be an authorized Behlen Builder.  Behlen Building Systems has nearly 80 years of manufacturing experience and solid craftsmanship.  Behlen was the first metal building manufacturer in the United States to achieve International Accreditation Service (IAS) AC472 Accreditation.  Accreditation provides assurance a metal building manufacturer and its staff have a world class quality system in place and have been thoroughly scrutinized by independent non-biased and objective third party auditors.  Behlen assures world class quality in primary framing fabrication, light-gauge welded fabrication, cold-formed fabrication, as well as engineering.  Beheln has also maintained ISO 9001 Certification through a continual audit process since 1972.

When choosing Behlen you are expanding your options. Behlen offers many building options including frame, rural farm, eagle span, S-Span and retrofit buildings.  A Behlen building can be configured into a nearly limitless combination of widths, lengths and heights.  Your building is an important investment  and we can provide the exact building you’re looking for.  One that will maintain its value, integrity and strength.  Additionally, steel construction provides greater stability than a wood frame structure.  Behlen is the smartest choice for the heavy winters of the Southern Colorado area and most of the mid-southwest.

Behlen’s focus on a quality product and decades of experience allow Alcon to maintain an accurate timeline for a finished product. Sit down with one of our qualified staff members to discuss why Alcon and Behlen would be a better way to go. Together we can meet all of your expectations.

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2014 Building of the Year!


Alcon Construction, Inc. is the proud recipient of the Behlen Building Systems 2014 Building of the Year Outstanding Performance Award