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Behlen Buildings

Alcon also specializes in Behlen Buildings. Behlen, a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, provides precision manufacturing and dependable support allowing Alcon Construction, Inc. to maintain an accurate timeline for a finished product. Behlen is also ISO 9001:2008 certified. The ISO 9001 series of standards assures customers they will receive a consistent high level of quality on every order. Quality is a way of life and is built into every step of their operation.

When choosing Behlen you are expanding your options. Behlen’s Commercial Grain Storage bins are top of the line providing over 60 years of agriculture containment and providing one of the strongest roofing systems available on the market. Behlen is the smartest choice for the heavy winters of the Southern Colorado area and most of the mid-southwest.

The Curvet and Rancher style buildings provide low-cost protection for valuable hay and machinery. With Behlen’s good looking and functional curvets or ranchers you’re sure to be happy with your finished building. Come by the office and pick up one of our many brochures featuring all of the wonderful options Behlen offers or sit down with one of our qualified staff members to discuss why Alcon and Behlen would be a better way to go. Together we can meet all of your expectations.

Behlen is a steel fabricator with three diverse business units:

Behlen Country
The nation’s largest manufacturer of livestock equipment

Behlen Building Systems
Delivers pre-engineered metal buildings through a nationwide network of builders

International & Diversified Products
Grain storage systems delivered worldwide, custom fabrication and the world’s leader in hydraulic presses

Behlen is also committed to a greener future. find out here how Behlen is involved in New Green Energy.

2014 Building of the Year!


Alcon Construction, Inc. is the proud recipient of the Behlen Building Systems 2014 Building of the Year Outstanding Performance Award